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About Us
Perfect Smile

Smile Dental Care 

We create Happy, Healthy Smiles  

Welcome to Smile Dental Care. Our caring dentists and staff understand that every patient has different needs, and we pride ourselves on treating each person on an individual basis. We believe that the more information you have, the more aware you become of your options; you always have a choice on how you want to be treated. We also understand that many people suffer from severe dental anxiety, and we are dedicated to making you feel as comfortable as possible. Our gentle and friendly approach ensures an enjoyable and relaxed dental experience. Every dental procedure is undertaken with the utmost care, skill and attention to detail. We treat you the same way we would like our family members to be treated, and work hard to exceed your expectations. 

Smile Dental Care takes pride in short waiting periods and accommodating every patient on time. Smile Dental Care dentists are available daily, with no waiting weeks before seeing a dentist. Emergency dental procedures are also accommodated. You'll never have to wait weeks to see your dentist at Smile Dental Care.

Thank you for taking the time to view our site. Look over our services and options, and feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have...we are here to help!

Bookings: 072 580 6122

At Smile Dental Care our services also include

Exam and Cleaning 

Book now, to see how we can help you.

With digital technology, we can detect and treat most dental problems before they get worse and require more extensive treatment.

Bad Breath Treatment


Regular dental cleanings is the best way of avoiding tooth loss due to gum infection. It is recommended to get a cleaning every 6 months to prevent bad breath

Want to Replace Missing  Teeth?

We can help you!

Implants, Dental Bridges and more

Loose Fitting Dentures?


If you have loose fitting dentures or would like to find out more about replacing missing teeth, give us a call.

Emergency Dentistry


At Smile Dental Care we truly care about your dental health, especially when you experience a dental emergency. 

Teeth Whitening


See our specials page or give us a call, to find out more about our Whitening Special

Kids Dentistry
Bring your kids for a Dental Cleaning

Do you suffer from Bleeding Gums?


We can Help. Book an assesment so that we can discuss the treatment that will work the best for you.

Before / After

before and after.jpeg

Example of how crown and veneer treatment looks on front teeth

before and after2.jpeg

Example of how aesthetic filling treatment looks on front teeth

before and after 3.jpeg

Example of how crown and veneer treatment looks on front teeth

 Our Medical Aid Partners
Our Services


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Dr. Anel Nortman 
Montana / Brooklyn

Dr. N. Conradie

Dr.  A. Khan 
Madelief / Montana

Dr. S. Gudar 

Please note that Smile Dental Care provides Administrative services for dentists. All clinicians working with Smile Dental Care personally take responsibility for clinical work performed as well as general patient care and communication.

Our Dentists
Success Stories


The best dentist experience in my life! No pain and bloody gums after cleaning! Absolutely brilliant! Dr Stols was also not rushing to get me out of there for the next patient. I would definitely recommend him

Marina Lochner

Thank you for being kind, gentle and creative with my 4 year old! The staff were wonderful throughout the process, from booking the appointment to taking time to reassure and praise a little dude during his first dental appointment! Thumbs up you girls!!!!

Thanks for fast and friendly service! And thanks for reminding me of my appointments!

Wilhelm Henning

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