what to expect when renting a Practice



    1. Monthly practice rental of R30 000

    2. 1-month rental deposit​

    3. Own Dental assistant or share an assistant with a colleague

    4. Dental practice software monthly costs. We cover the setup cost( we only use good-x dental practice management- all receptionists have received training on good x)

    5. You decide on and buy the dental materials and equipment you want to use. We will administrate, register and order all supplies. The  Smile Team gets massive discounts on dental supplies bulk orders (up to 20%). 

    6. If you decide to use our dental lab, you will also receive discounts on dental lab work (economy of scale)

    7. You will be responsible for all marketing, patient referrals, and new patients.

    8. Your patient base belong you. You can sell it to any Smile Dentist.

What is expected of you

We provide easy term start-up loans of up to R 100 000.00 

dental pratice loan.jpeg