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Professional Dental Consultations at Your Fingertips.

Whatsapp or call: 0725806122

How Does it Work?

Click on the link or call us to schedule an appointment and get connected with a qualified dentist. We will contact you and the next available dentist will consult with you.

The dentist will give you a prescription if needed and will inform you whether an in-office appointment is required.





Low Cost, High Value.

Virtual consultation are covered by most medical aids. Online consultations are much more economical than an in-office dental evaluation or ER visit. We support dental practitioners that are not able to currently earn any income due to the covid-19 disaster.

Speak to a Dentist from the comfort of your home

talk to a dentist from the safety of your home.

Privacy is a Priority.

All information collected during online or telephonic consultations are strictly confidential and only health providers and limited support staff have access to it.

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