what to expect when renting a Chair

We provide the following-


  1. Fully functioning dental surgery= including- dental chair, x-ray unit, digital integration and display units, laptops and other computer hardware, compressed air unit, suction unit, sterilization facilities, digital patient sign-on form, etc.

  2. Receptionist- provides basic reception duties- Patient bookings, new patient arrivals, basic patient admin, payment acceptance, etc.

  3. Fully functioning reception area with printing facilities, computer hard and software, card payment facilities, filing facilities etc.

  4. Free wifi and internet access.

  5. Online website presence. (online marketing platform)

  6. Preinstalled VoIP telephone system.

  7. Camera surveyance system with remote login.

  8. Access to digital staff time management software.

  9. Set-up of practice management software (Optional)

  10. Medical waste and sharps disposal administration.

  11. Card payment facilities.

  12. Fire suppression systems inspections and maintenance as required by the municipality

  13. Airconditioner maintenance

  14. Department of labor inspection adherence

  15. Department of health inspection adherence

  16. Local municipal inspections

  17. Regular maintenance of fixed practice equipment and other general maintenance

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