Top 10 Reasons

to join

The Smile Team

Join The Smile Team
Start your own practice/work for someone else.
Massive discounts on dental material and equipment as well as lab work(up to 20% discount)
Very low start-up cost
Be in control of your profitability. You take 100% of the profit.
Flexible working times. You decide how hard you want to work every week.
You decide when and how long to take leave.
Decide what materials and equipment to use.
Own and invest in your own patient base.
Minimal admin, paperwork and registrations
Share staff, equipment and other dental practice costs.
No expensive practice build-out required. Ready to move in.
High monthly dental materials, equipment as well as lab costs.
Massive startup, build-out, shopfitting, equipment, and property rental costs. 
Lose up to 60% of income to eighter overheads in own private practice or to corporate companies like Medicross
Staff salaries, equipment and other dental practice costs contribute to high overheads.
Working times and leave are determined by company regulations. 
Registration and inspection costs associated with opening a practice. 
  • Occupational health and safety dep. inspections.
  • Labour dep inspections
  • Building, plumbing, electrical, fire inspections.
  • Health department inspections. 
  • BCHF registration
  • Medical aid adminirtrator registrations.
  • Xray unit registration
  • SABS registration
  • HAzardous substance and sharps registration
  • etc 
No lease negotiations. No loan applications
Decide whether you want to build your own practice brand or use our brand and marketing infrastructure.